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    Arrival Day – Saint Exupery – Croix Rousse

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    TGV station in St EXUPERY AirportTGV station in St EXUPERY Airport - source 123rf.com


    LYON...never flash on my mind before that I would have an opportunity to be in this city – the city of lion… WOW !.As the old saying that miracle does exist is true and it does on me, I AM LUCKY this year to get one of that miracle.

    After the long and freezing journey in the plane from Cimahi – Jakarta – Singapore – Istanbul and finally here I am, at Saint Exupery Airport.

    The First door to enter the magical city of lion

    Phewww… together with about 90 % Turkish I was in the last queue in the immigration police. Young French Police did his job in the fully responsibility… asking many things from the return tickets… the address where I would stay and the euro I had in hands ( he even asked me to show off the notes pffff ) and the last thing I needed to show off was my Citibank credit card – la carte bleue hein ? Wink.

    The visa, supporting documents from the lyon government seems not enough to convince this young guy. He doesn’t know that to get visa we also need to show a lot of money in the bank. It’s such impressive welcome from the French…

    Perhaps Turkish is much better than Indonesia, I think our president needs to improve relation with this country so that it will give good impression and trust to the French people…

    As the flight had to transit in Istanbul before flying to Lyon so that 90 % of other passengers were Turkish. And I was a bit worried when for the first time landed my feet at the airport… was it France or Saudi Arabia ? lol …

    I don’t know what was going on, but most of the Turkish wore the hajj dress like in Saudi Arabia and brought gallons of holly water ( I guess ) so I felt like I had arrived from Hajj also if I looked around me. Thanks God , my pinky shirt woke me up from the dream Kiss

    Talking about the airport… You will get used to with my behaviour. My eyes will be automatically catch the construction of building … too long in the project sites… you must understand that easily right.

    The construction of the airport is modern, it’s steel structure mostly and the glass – curtain wall as we , the engineer, would say :P

    The point that is so obvious caught my eyes that the design of main doors is the automatic door with frames (It’s strange because in our design, we prefer the automatic frameless doors. The different thing is they used the powder coated heavy metal rather than powder coated (anodized) aluminum frame as we often have. The consequence is the door looks heavy but for sure stronger. At first, it might be the wind factor in the airport was considered but after visiting many places, most of the modern doors in Lyon have the same system… is it the trend here ?.

    The toilet, the other favorite place I love to check lol…after some times here I haven’t seen TOTO brand yet lol… Toto has not arrived in France yet ! lol

    St Exupéry access map

    St EXUPERY Airport access map - www.lyonaeroports.com


    It’s time to continue the adventure… heading to Croix rousse, the base camp. The route to the destination is admirable, the traffic is not so busy, it’s like the Lebaran Day in Bandung, very quiet . the infrastructure is incredible, they are very well constructed and well managed … it seems. And… and…. As the Lyon is hilly area… everywhere I can see the magnifique shapes of retaining wall. Unfortunately I did not take picture for that ones.

    The area along the way to the Croix rousse is fantastic, many tidy plantation and such a quitte area indeed.

    Finally… yeah It’s the base camp, Grand Rue de la Croix Rousse. The taxi accepts credit card here lol… no need to give tips for sure Cool Vive les Lyonnais !






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