• FROMAGERIE, it is a cheese shop or a cheese counter, which sells any kind of cheese and dairy products such as milk.

    Regarding cheese there is a saying from French President - Charles de Gaule - : How can anyone govern a nation that has two Hundred and forty-six different Kinds of cheese?

    (Read: How can anyone govern a nation that has 246 kinds of cheese – in my point of view : it is not an easy job to take care the nation which the people has such big tastes and desires --- 246

    In Indonesia saying, we have one that let’s say almost similar :  even we have the same colour of hair, however our desire and thoughts will be different for sure… so  if we mix those 2 thoughts : if we have already had 246 different tastes and desire, how about the coulour of their hairs …. Mmm… no connection at all  

    Well if you want to know how many types of cheese this link will help : http://www.cheesesoffrance.com

    For me a moment to choose cheese  at the fromagerie is an exited moment because it always gives a big surprise as I never know the taste of the cheese I choose before.

    When I said that in Indonesia the cheddar cheese is the most common thing we can have, the French people will respond  : that’s not cheese, it’s too soft … ehehhee…je dis rien

    The first French cheese I tasted when arrived in my palace, First it was MORBIER, the name comes from the name of the village of  Morbier  at Franche compte area ... I have no idea where the place for certain but must say that the cheese is great. It is semi hard, not too salty and a blue line in the middle.

    I am learning that  cheese goat  have small shapes around 5 cm in diameter and the taste and aroma is  stronger than cheese from cow.

    Camembert cheese, well for sure, we have often heard about this kind of cheese, it is sold commonly in package of 250 grams, origine from Normandy.

    It is said that the best taste of camembert if it has ripen which is creamy. Unfortunately when I bought, it has not been so creamy but  I already finished it all just before it got creamy…c’est gourmand  - people will say here (the greedy ---).

    When visiting a neighbouring village near the Alpes, I was offered  a very creamy cheese, like melting cheese on a hot pizza, it is called COULOMMIERS.

    He said that COULOMMIERS is part of the Brie cheese which is it king of cheese, made in paris ... Lyonnais seems a little allergy with anything from Paris ( lol ) ... they will say ... ah that’s made in Paris !  ( as I do not have a personal revenge  with parisian so just enjoyed that creamy coulommiers)

    Oh yes, for the French, the eating ritual is not PERFECT without cheese.

    Well today at the base camp the cheese  I have is FOURME D'Ambert, it’s blue cheese. Apparently this type is included the classical type of cheese.

    There is the famous cheese shop near the base camp: fromagerie Didier Galland. This is the link: http://www.fromageriegalland.com/

    And the open hour is special : work days from 12:30 until 15:30 closed. It shows that  the eating ritual is respected…eating ! , eating ! , life eating  .. eating is more important than business.

    This is the heaven cheese: http://www.univers-fromages.com/

    A little story about other dairy products, milk.

    Mostly,  the Pasteurized system is not used often but use the system micro filter instead. 

    The difference is that the pasteurized system, milk is heated for certain of time and temperature to kill the bacteria, while the micro-filter system, milk is filtered with a certain filter to filter out the bacteria, without heating it . So this system will not damage the proteins and vitamins, as a result the milk more fresh and last longer and the taste creamier ... for milk lovers in Indonesia... you need to taste the different hahaha ...

    This links is helpful to know better: http://www.fitnesstipsforlife.com/microfiltered-milk.html

    Hopefully, the Ultra milk ( Indonesian famous brand for pasteurized milk) will adopt this system soon .

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  • Eating Ritual

    There are many new things that I am happy to find them here. One of them is  the eating ritual. I do not know how to start, so many new ones. However I will try to put down what that impressed me so much. 

    Boulangerie or bakery.

    In boulangerie, we can have not only many varieties of French breads with a variety of shapes and cover of their crust but also paradise for  any kind of pie and tart, some times we can find sandwich also here. 


    Pain is sort kind of the French bread which is brown in colour and crusty mostly. They can be in various shapes also some times has topping on the crust.


    Brioche – this is the sweet bread, some have filling and some just empty without any filling.


    The tart or tarlettes – this one is like pie with topping.

    They have really mouth watering shape, so cute and desirable. Once I tried the tarte au citron, which is tart with citron jam as topping… wuiihhh I would say, it’s so sweet and sour in the same time.


    So far I have not seen the tart or sweet bread  with cheese filling like cheese cake or cheese bread. Perhaps, cheese is best to be eaten alone.

    In Boulangerie  I do not often see the white bread like we have for breakfast. In fact we can have such kind of bread in supermarket. In my opinion French people prefer having bread with crust, probably because of the way they eat is different from the way we eat white bread and also the French bread is last longer than white bread. They do not only cut the bread by hand but also used the bread to clean up the plate from the remain soup or sauce and also clean up the knife while eating cheese - in Bandung – people do not used to with that style.

    When I had an opportunity to have a dine outthere is  someone who cleaned up her  plate from sauce with the bread so skilful and the most impressive thing is while eating French talking actively.

    So I threw the joke, that French people eat and talk in the same time as fast as their TGV-the France ‘s high speed train. And instead of getting mad, the guy replied that  they are like Hamsters, when we are talking, we keep aside the food - in the cheek.

    Boulangerie is all around at every corner, and always busy – a real good business indeed.  Once I passed the street and found people waiting in front of the boulangerie made a long queue untill reach the street to buy bread ... no idea what is the speciallity  of this bakery. I took the picture of that bakery, the  name Atelier Boulangerie - located in the Boulevard Croix  Rousse, Lyon.

    Well if we are in Indonesia, we often see people bring their lunch as nasi padang in brown package, here it is a common sight to see people have bread in their hand, often they seem not able to bear their hunger, they are eating their bread while walking… hungry, hungry…. Hungry, can’t wait for more ...

    Just for info, in the traditional market, we can have other kind of bread which common eaten by African people, as there are quite a lot Moroccans here, which is thin bread without yeast.  

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